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Do I Hit Them?

Posted on 28 February 2013 by Evan Geis

When being confronted by a friend or a complete stranger, whether it be on the street or in a familiar place, this question will always ring through your head:

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Females and MMA: How Getting Fit Can Save Your Life

Posted on 03 August 2012 by Jillian Bullock

As a fitness expert, mixed martial artist and boxer, I teach group fitness, kickboxing and strength conditioning to men and women. However, through my Fighting Spirit Warriors program, I teach girls and woman, ages 10-70, why being physically fit is vital to help reduce their chances of becoming a victim of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence.

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Should Martial Arts Be Against The Law?

Posted on 29 July 2012 by Tony Hackerott

I have been putting off writing this post for a few days now because I am back and forth on this issue.  I will go ahead and throw it out there and you guys let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Main Pressure Points AKA Death Touch

Posted on 19 March 2012 by Tony Hackerott

In this Dim Mak series we have talked about, “Dim Mak & Today’s MMA Fighter” & “Hidden Past of Dim Mak & Pressure Points”.  Today we get down to the point, the pressure point that is (pun intended).

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Dim Mak & Today’s MMA Fighter

Posted on 17 March 2012 by Tony Hackerott

Like we mentioned in our popular article, “Pressure Point – 7 Most Lethal Pressure Points” Dim Mak is one of the most popular and mysterious martial art disciplines out there. A lot of people have hear about “Pressure Points” but do not relate it to Dim Mak, or they have never heard of Dim Mak before. Dim Mak or more commonly referred to as the “Death Touch” by Americans isn’t widely practiced in the Western world as it has been stereotyped as a hoax and leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouths just to even speak of it. There are videos and articles all over the Internet that claim or show people using the Death Touch to do harm to opponents and because this media is so over the top in its showing a lot of people pass up Dim Mak as nonsense.

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Hidden Past of Dim Mak & Pressure Points

Posted on 16 March 2012 by Tony Hackerott

Like we mentioned in our last article about Dim Mak, “Introduction to the Art of Dim Mak” the history of Dim Mak is shrouded in tale and tradition. What is amazing is that it wasn’t like todya’s martial arts where anyone who pays for classes or sessions gets to learn a martial arts like; Kung Fu, Taekwondo, or Karate. Masters of this veiled style would only pass on knowledge and technique to honorable devoted students, had they found no trusted student his knowledge went un-passed.

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An Introduction to the Art of Dim Mak

Posted on 09 March 2012 by Tony Hackerott

There is no more controversial subject in Martial Arts than the two words Dim Mak, better known in the Western World as pressure points. Practitioners of this controversial Martial Art attest the capabilities of their methods, which concentrate on attacking chi (life force energy) meridians which make the human body vulnerable to knockout, death, or even (controversially) delayed death.

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Pressure Point – 7 Most Lethal Pressure Points

Posted on 20 February 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Like we explained in the post, “4 Martial Arts Moves That Kill” a pressure point or the “Death Touch” is an area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner.  Expert practitioners in the art of pressure points and Dim Mak state that there are hundreds of different pressure points but only a few of them actually work in a self defense or fighting situation.

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Martial Arts Kicks On The Street

Posted on 08 August 2010 by Tony Hackerott

Every martial art has it´s own unique kicks. They range from the rudimentary kicks of some styles of karate the the many acrobatic kicks of TaeKwonDo.  However the real question is are martial arts kicks effective for use on the street and if they are, which ones are the best to use?

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Keep Fighting 5 Minutes After You Are Dead!

Posted on 04 August 2010 by Tony Hackerott

That is then answer to being asked when you should give up or stop fighting back – ´5 minutes after you are already dead´!

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