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Garrote Larense: Martial Arts Styles

Posted on 26 April 2010 by Tony Hackerott

Also known as the ‘El Juego Del Garrote’, Garotte Larense is a unique martial art from Venezuela, South America. While Venezuela may be considered a small country, it’s capital Caracas is known to have the highest per-capita murder rate in the world, even rivaling the death tolls of war time Iraq and Afghanistan. So clearly any martial art that has proved it’s self on these streets has definitely earned some credibility.

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How many Korean Martial Arts are there?

Posted on 13 April 2010 by Tony Hackerott

For being such a tiny country Korea has a seriously impressive list of martial arts, far more than most other large countries. It is true that they have been at war for almost their entire history and still today which must be one of the main reasons they have developed so many fighting styles. During various invasions it was illegal for them to practice many forms, though they were still handed down in secret. The Koreans have earned a reputation for fighting off significant attacks from larger better equipped armies – a trait they still clearly cling to today.

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Vietnamese Martials Arts & Cobra Blood Wine

Posted on 12 April 2010 by Tony Hackerott

While Vietnamese martial arts may not be to most well known in the world they have certainly be honed for use against overwhelming force of invading enemies with better weapons and massive forces and resources. Among it’s invasions Vietnam has been attacked by it’s giant neighbor China as well as being ruled for a time by France and of course there was the infamous Vietnam war involving the US. Some controlling forces like the French tried to outlaw practicing or training in martial arts in order to protect themselves from uprisings.

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Semper Fu! The Marines Martial Arts

Posted on 08 February 2010 by Tony Hackerott

‘Semper Fu’, ‘McSlap’ and ‘McNinja’ are all nicknames for MCMAP the US Marine Corp Martial Arts Program. Started in 2001 this program teaches unarmed hand-to-hand and close quarters combat combined with rifle and bayonet techniques. According to the Marine Corps Times as of a year ago 98% of US Marines were trained in the MCMAP program totaling approximately 196,000 active duty troops and 96,000 reservists.

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What is Aikido?

Posted on 29 January 2010 by Tony Hackerott

The unique Japanese martial art of Aikido was developed by by Morihei Ueshiba almost a century ago. Aikido is often translated as ‘The way of unifying life energy’. This style is often mistakenly confused with Judo or Kendo Bogu. It’s unique form uses the force and motion of the attacker and re-directs it instead of attacking it head on. These techniques use turning movements, throws and joint locks to manipulate opponents.

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Savate Martial Arts Style – French Kicking Style

Posted on 23 January 2010 by Tony Hackerott

Savate, what is that?

Savate aka French Kickboxing or French Foot Fighting is a martial art

from France that combines boxing and kicks. In Savate only foot kicks are used as opposed to some arts allowing shins and knees to be used. Hence Savate is on of the few martial arts where it’s practitioners train with their martial arts shoes on. And for you new MMA fans out there, Savate was actually used in the first UFC tournament by Gerard Gordeau a Dutch Savate champion who defeated a Sumo wrestler and an American Kick boxer.

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Jogo Do Pau, Zipota, Lutta Corsa, & Jousting

Posted on 26 November 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Jogo Do Pau

Jogo Do Pau Jogo Do Pau is a Portuguese staff-fighting martial art and, although its origins are unclear, it is believed the art was originally used to settle matters of honor between families and village members in the northern states of Portugal. Although there are suggestions Jogo Do Pau’s origins may lie in Indian martial arts, it is more likely to have evolved as a form of folk fighting between young men using easily obtainable sticks and canes. There is evidence to suggest

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Savate: Full On Boxing With Kicks!

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Savate is a full-contact boxing and kicking art, indigenous to France and some other parts of southwest Europe. It is believed to have evolved from a collection of fighting techniques used by sailors, criminals, and soldiers. The art form also includes a number of grappling maneuvers and involves weapons training, most notably with staffs such as the “steel batons” and “la canne de combat“.

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Combat 56, Khridoli, R.O.S.S., & Systema

Posted on 20 November 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Combat 56

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Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

Posted on 18 November 2009 by Tony Hackerott

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) was created to instill into troops the warrior ethos, and to teach them close-quarter combat techniques. It also serves as a way of building team cohesion and morale. MCMAP replaced former programs such as the LINE system and may be referred to as a synergy of mental character and physical disciplines, with applications across the full spectrum of violence.

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