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The Big 3: Who Will Come Out On Top

Posted on 19 January 2013 by Tony Hackerott

Written by: Jordan Minns

alistair-overeemThe heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos; and contenders Cain Velasquez & Alistair Overeem have established themselves as the top dogs in an extremely stacked division, the only thing left to decide is who will reign supreme. I will breakdown the match-ups Dos Santos-Velasquez, Dos Santos-Overeem, and Overeem-Velasquez in order to predict who will come out on top in this heavyweight power struggle.

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Is Overeem The Future of The UFC Heavyweight Division?

Posted on 13 January 2012 by Tony Hackerott

Is Alistair Overeem The Future of The Heavyweight Division?

There was once a time in which Alistair Overeem was considered little more than a fringe contender flailing about, fighting to survive in a pool of 205 pound sharks. Those days are now half a decade and forty plus pounds distanced, as Overeem has firmly cemented himself as a top heavyweight contender in MMA’s contemporary landscape.

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UFC 141 Preview

Posted on 29 December 2011 by Dennis Fratella

Written By: Dennis Fratella

About a week ago I wrote an article on what encompassed the journey of the loser of this heavyweight battle that’s getting ready to go down tomorrow night. Rather than make a prediction then, I wanted to save it for now, because I really needed time to make up my mind not only for the headliner, but also the undercard as well. I think this card—at least these three fights I’m writing about, have to be some of the most well matched fights I’ve seen in some time.

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Everything To Lose

Posted on 20 December 2011 by Dennis Fratella

We’ve all seen the previews. We know how big they are. We know what’s at stake. I’m not going to focus on the styles or match-ups yet. I could write on this forever. But rather, I want to echo the previous post, “UFC Heavyweight Fight: Lesnar vs. Overeem“, and add my own $.02 if I may, on the possibilities that may be facing the heavyweight division after this all goes down on December 30th.

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