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Hottest Free Agents in MMA

Posted on 04 December 2010 by Raphael Garcia

The disbursement of talent is an important aspect in any type of sports. Leagues often institute rules that keep one team from hording all of the best talent. In mixed martial arts this concept is a little different, but still very important. While many viewers believe that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is home to the best talent in MMA, many quality athletes compete outside their realm and that of the other two large organizations in Bellator and Strikeforce. Here are a few names that are not currently aligned with any organization but can quickly become big names within the sport.

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The Expansion of Mixed Martial Arts

Posted on 09 November 2010 by Raphael Garcia

When it comes to the mainstream sports world, mixed martial arts is still in its infant stage of growth. It’s easy to look back a few years ago to see that major sports outlets such as ESPN did not cover the events or big names such as Brock Lesnar or Chuck Liddell. Today, major cable companies carry not only events from the UFC, but Strikeforce, Bellator, and even smaller promotions. As we approach the end of 2010 one can only wonder what’s to come for MMA and its fans. As the sport continues to evolve, here are a few ideas as to what lies next for the fledging competition.

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