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MMA in Colombia

Posted on 25 August 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Written by: Erin Littlefield

Developing a New Scene To Enable Social Change.

In honor of the UFC’s imminent return to Brazil, the birthplace of vale tudo and modern MMA, it’s time to take a look at the emerging MMA scene in neighboring Colombia. Colombia has been torn apart by civil conflict for the past forty years, breaking records for murder and kidnapping rates as well as suffering widespread poverty and cultural violence. However, in the past few years, Colombia has undergone a cultural revival, and the new influx of foreign business and tourism has brought with it new ideas. One of these foreign imports is MMA, and after its incredible bounds in popularity, the sport has become something of an instrument for social change.

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UFC Announces Future Locations

Posted on 08 December 2010 by Raphael Garcia

This week the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced two locations that will hold fights in the coming year. With a current company objective to expand the organization internationally, both of these events will take place outside of US borders.

First, UFC 131 will be hosted in Toronto, Canada on April 30. Ontario recently legalized MMA this past August and this will be the first time the organization holds an event in the area. To go along with the fights held on Saturday, a two day fan expo will occur on April 29 and 30. With the UFC set to hold UFC 124 in Canada this weekend, the Toronto debut will be the sixth time the organization travels to “hockey country”.

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