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Building & Growing Your Martial Arts School Part VII: Instructor & Promoter Pay

Posted on 26 September 2012 by Tim Houghten

This entry is part 7 of 13 in the seriesStarting Martial Arts School

Before we get into the actual marketing techniques you need to explode your martial arts business, lets take a minute to discuss who should be doing your marketing, how much you should be paying them, and how to get cash in faster to speed up your business.

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Planning The Building & Growth Of Your Martial Arts School Part III

Posted on 27 August 2012 by Tim Houghten

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the seriesStarting Martial Arts School

Planning: From Launch To Netting Your First $1,000,000

Wherever you are at in your mission to build a successful and profitable martial arts training center it is crucial to have a concrete plan. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’! You have probably been training for years to become the great martial artist you are today. That is your way of planning to be able to defend yourself and the ones you love. While planning for years to open your school may mean missing too many opportunities it does not make having a plan and a great marketing plan any less important.

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Tips On Finding The Perfect Taekwondo School For Your Child

Posted on 24 May 2012 by Tony Hackerott

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the entire world. One of the strongest factors in its growth is its emergence as very popular Olympic sport.  Every four years there is a spike in the members of Taekwondo students around the world. Another important factor in it’s growth is that there are numerous Taekwondo schools within any given community.

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Martial Arts Supplies and Your Dojo

Posted on 26 July 2011 by Tony Hackerott

If you are an owner of a martial arts school in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, or Jiu Jitsu or any other disciplines of martial arts, you probably already know that selling martial arts supplies is very important to your bottom dollar. Whether you are selling a martial arts uniforms, weapons, sparring gear, or training equipment you want the student to be able to actually use what you are selling them. So, it is imperative if they are buying a Dobak or Gi that you get them the correct size. One simple way you can do this is to use the free online martial arts uniform calculator that we provide here on The MMA Zone. All you need to figured out the size of uniform they will need is their height, body structure, and weight the calculator will do the rest.

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MTV Cribs – Creating Your Own Home Martial Arts Dojo

Posted on 25 June 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Most of you have no doubt seen the hit TV show MTV Cribs where the rich and famous show off their homes. So many have indoor basketball courts or movie theaters, OK, so that´s nice, but who has their own fully kitted out dojo? Even if it doesn´t get you on MTV Cribs, having your own dojo at home will certainly be a hit with your friends and family and best of all it means you can get some serious training done at home. Plus next time your friends are bragging about how much better they are than the fighters on the next Saturday night UFC fight, you have the perfect place to duke it out and see who really has the skills.

Martial Arts Dojo

Martial Arts Dojo

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What does it really cost to open your own MMA training center?

Posted on 12 March 2010 by Tony Hackerott

The world of Mixed Martial Arts and more specifically the UFC absolutely dominates the world of fastest growing sports in the world. The last couple fo years has seen a decrease in the rate of growth but it is still growing at an exponential rate. It’s continued rise in popularity certainly means bright opportunities for those investing in the MMA business in one form or another. The business that incorporate the MMA market are comprised of business like supplements, apparel (like MMA Shorts), training gear, venues, and one of the most popular workout and training MMA gyms. Even the business mogul Donald Trump has dipped his toes into the MMA business through Affliction Banned. But perhaps the most popular dream for most martial arts practitioners has always been to open their own school, training facility, or MMA gym.

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