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British Martial Arts – Lancashire Wrestling, Cornish Wrestling, Catch Wrestling

Posted on 26 April 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Mixed Martial Arts and the Ground Game History

Lancashire Wrestling

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Is college wrestling a pre-requisite to be an MMA Fighter now?

Posted on 30 January 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Today on another forum (www.judoforum.com) we were discussing what style is responsible for a majority of the current successful MMA fighters.  Although it is getting much more likely to see a MMA fighter come in with just a MMA skill background we haven’t yet gotten to that point.

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Mixed Martial Arts 101 – Part 3

Posted on 18 September 2008 by Tony Hackerott

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is an extreme contact sport that began in 1993 with the introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. MMA incorporates fighting techniques of a variety of martial arts forms, including taekwondo, judo, and karate. The original Ultimate Fighting Championship was an “anything goes” type of competition, with few rules and little regard for the competitors’ safety. The beginning years of mixed martial arts competition was considered to be brutal by many, but rules and regulations for the sport have evolved over the years. Even with the additional rules for competition, MMA is still an intense sport that requires immense strength and fierce training.

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