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MMA Halloween Costumes

Posted on 06 October 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Halloween is quickly approaching and that means Halloween costumes need to be decided upon. So we have put together a list of great MMA and martial art Halloween costumes we could find.  From the Tapout MMA Gear founders to the yellow jumpsuit of Bruce Lee there are some really great costumes here. Let us know what you think below in the comments!

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10 Must Have Martial Art Books

Posted on 29 September 2011 by Jillian Bullock

By Jillian Bullock

When someone begins their journey as an athlete, and especially as a martial artist, he or she often puts all their time and energy into the physical aspect of training. But so much more goes into becoming a champion in any sport. What is even more important for martial artists and boxers is the psychology component. Training for a fight goes far beyond the physicality. In fact, it has been said that fighting is 90% mental. So, if the mind is not focused and in tune with the body, it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in, you will not succeed in obtaining greatness, become a world class athlete or a top notch champion.

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Should I Sign Up My Child for a Martial Arts Class?

Posted on 11 September 2011 by Tony Hackerott

With the launch of the new Karate Kid motion picture last week, some people are wanting to know if they should sign up their young child in a karate school. If you or the youngster has never attended a martial arts school in the past, it may be a frightening decision that comes with a good number of questions.

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Which Martial Arts Style Is Best To Become An MMA Fighter?

Posted on 18 August 2011 by Jillian Bullock

By Jillian Bullock

World famous martial artist Brue Lee created Jeet Kune Do, which means “Way of the Intercepting Fist,” and he believed that only what worked for you should be used in martial arts and the rest discarded. Mixed martial arts can actually be compared to Jeet Kwon Do, which is a hybrid fighting system or fighting styles and theories from several different martial arts.

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Taekwondo & Self Defense

Posted on 09 August 2011 by Tony Hackerott

I am a full-fledged lover of the martial arts. To be specific I practice the Tae Kwon Do Forms, Tae Kwon Do Sparring and Poomse also.

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Martial Arts Supplies and Your Dojo

Posted on 26 July 2011 by Tony Hackerott

If you are an owner of a martial arts school in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, or Jiu Jitsu or any other disciplines of martial arts, you probably already know that selling martial arts supplies is very important to your bottom dollar. Whether you are selling a martial arts uniforms, weapons, sparring gear, or training equipment you want the student to be able to actually use what you are selling them. So, it is imperative if they are buying a Dobak or Gi that you get them the correct size. One simple way you can do this is to use the free online martial arts uniform calculator that we provide here on The MMA Zone. All you need to figured out the size of uniform they will need is their height, body structure, and weight the calculator will do the rest.

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An Introduction to Taekwondo

Posted on 24 October 2010 by Tony Hackerott

People from the Korean Martial Arts School in ...
Image via Wikipedia

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What does it really cost to open your own MMA training center?

Posted on 12 March 2010 by Tony Hackerott

The world of Mixed Martial Arts and more specifically the UFC absolutely dominates the world of fastest growing sports in the world. The last couple fo years has seen a decrease in the rate of growth but it is still growing at an exponential rate. It’s continued rise in popularity certainly means bright opportunities for those investing in the MMA business in one form or another. The business that incorporate the MMA market are comprised of business like supplements, apparel (like MMA Shorts), training gear, venues, and one of the most popular workout and training MMA gyms. Even the business mogul Donald Trump has dipped his toes into the MMA business through Affliction Banned. But perhaps the most popular dream for most martial arts practitioners has always been to open their own school, training facility, or MMA gym.

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What A Great Era For Martial Arts!

Posted on 28 December 2009 by Tony Hackerott

It is interesting to meet practitioners from different styles of Filipino Martial Arts and learn their naming and numbering structure.  Seems we all have some things in common, yet, certain things may be stressed a little more or a little less depending on the background of the escrima instructor.No matter what you call your martial art, Arnis, Kali, Escrima or perhaps something more specific like Pekiti Tirsia, we are finding out that we have much that is the same.We are all part of the bigger picture.

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Korean Martial Arts: Buddhist-Based Martial Art

Posted on 26 May 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Hapkido, Taekyon, Kwan Moo, Yongmudo, Gwon Gyokdo, Hwa Rang Do

Sun Kwan Moo

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