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Combat Sports vs. Military Combat Training

Posted on 25 February 2013 by Dean Nielsen

Martial arts & self defense training in the Armed Forces has been a critical skill taught to every soldier that began basic training.  Although there is a huge following of MMA within the military combat sports aren’t necessarily how they train.  Since combat sports has rules and regulations this type of training isn’t as beneficial when it comes to self defense and one might think.  The military values functional movements that work quickly and effectively to hurt and even kill their combatant.  So, are their comparisons between military martial arts training and today’s MMA training?

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Martial Arts Training – Get Army Fit!

Posted on 30 June 2011 by Tony Hackerott

The US Army as one of the top fighting forces in the world has strict fitness standards not only for passing basic training but also as part of on going testing to ensure a regulated high level of fitness. The US Army’s Physical Fitness Test (also known as the PFT) consists of just three basic exercises; push ups, sit ups and running.

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