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Find & Engage Martial Art Students Online For Free

Posted on 28 October 2012 by Tony Hackerott

One of the biggest problems for most martial arts schools is finding and retaining students. Regardless of which style you teach, where you are located, or how reasonably priced you are, sifus and sensei’s all want to know how to bring in more students while holding onto the ones they already have. Here are two free ways to be found by new students and keep them coming back week after week.

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How To Start A Martial Arts School Part V: Pre-Selling Your School

Posted on 30 August 2012 by Tim Houghten

This entry is part 5 of 13 in the seriesStarting Martial Arts School

Pre-Selling For Your School

After having done all of your research and having completed your business and marketing plans, it is wise to test your ideas and assumptions for before laying them out and tying up capital.

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How To Build A Dojo Part II: Challenges Make Opportunities

Posted on 26 August 2012 by Tim Houghten

This entry is part 1 of 13 in the seriesStarting Martial Arts School

The Problems & Potential To Prosper

If you haven’t read our first in this series here it is: how to start a martial arts school.

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What To Look For In Your Martial Arts School!

Posted on 09 July 2012 by jcaudill

3 Questions To Ask Yourself before choosing a martial arts school that is right for you!

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MTV Cribs – Creating Your Own Home Martial Arts Dojo

Posted on 25 June 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Most of you have no doubt seen the hit TV show MTV Cribs where the rich and famous show off their homes. So many have indoor basketball courts or movie theaters, OK, so that´s nice, but who has their own fully kitted out dojo? Even if it doesn´t get you on MTV Cribs, having your own dojo at home will certainly be a hit with your friends and family and best of all it means you can get some serious training done at home. Plus next time your friends are bragging about how much better they are than the fighters on the next Saturday night UFC fight, you have the perfect place to duke it out and see who really has the skills.

Martial Arts Dojo

Martial Arts Dojo

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