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Savate Martial Arts Style – French Kicking Style

Posted on 23 January 2010 by Tony Hackerott

Savate, what is that?

Savate aka French Kickboxing or French Foot Fighting is a martial art

from France that combines boxing and kicks. In Savate only foot kicks are used as opposed to some arts allowing shins and knees to be used. Hence Savate is on of the few martial arts where it’s practitioners train with their martial arts shoes on. And for you new MMA fans out there, Savate was actually used in the first UFC tournament by Gerard Gordeau a Dutch Savate champion who defeated a Sumo wrestler and an American Kick boxer.

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The Art of Taekwondo

Posted on 02 December 2008 by Tony Hackerott

Taekwondo’s origins date back to the 2,000 years when it was created as a way of unarmed combat.It wasn’t until 1955 when Choi Hong Hi helped to modernize the art making it both a self defense and a sport.The unique feature of Taekwondo as compared to Karate, Judo, or Kung Fu is that is focuses on attacking the opponent with kicks.In 2008 it is estimated that there are over 50 million practitioners of Taekwondo.It also received a boost by the Olympics when it was added to the games in 2000.

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