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Could Brock Lesnar’s fight with Junior Dos Santos be his last in the UFC?

Posted on 18 January 2011 by Hobson Lopes

Last week, it was announced that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar & #1 contender Junior Dos Santos, would be coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 13.  At the conclusion of the show, Dos Santos will put his title shot on the line against Lesnar, instead of waiting until UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez recovers from injury.  Win, lose, or draw, this could be the last time we see Lesnar step inside the Octagon.

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Wrestling’s Place in Mixed Martial Arts

Posted on 15 November 2010 by Raphael Garcia

Mixed martial arts is supposed to be just that, the blending of various martial arts into one “complete” martial artist. Today’s MMA athlete may employ a number of fighting styles from boxing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Capoeira into their skill set. However, what happens when one style has been given the negative connotation of “lay and pray?” Recently, discussions about how some fighters are using wrestling to control their opponents instead of finish them has caused a controversy within the MMA world. How will the sport handle this revolution or are we going to see a drastic change to how the sport is contested.

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Styles: Cuong Nhu and Vovinam: “vovinam viet vo dao”

Posted on 10 August 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Different Styles of Martial Arts

Cuong Nhu and Vovinam: “vovinam viet vo dao”

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British Martial Arts – Lancashire Wrestling, Cornish Wrestling, Catch Wrestling

Posted on 26 April 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Mixed Martial Arts and the Ground Game History

Lancashire Wrestling

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Is college wrestling a pre-requisite to be an MMA Fighter now?

Posted on 30 January 2009 by Tony Hackerott

Today on another forum (www.judoforum.com) we were discussing what style is responsible for a majority of the current successful MMA fighters.  Although it is getting much more likely to see a MMA fighter come in with just a MMA skill background we haven’t yet gotten to that point.

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