Q. Do you accept debit cards?

A. Yes, they will work just like a credit card during your purchase.


Q. Do you accept money orders or a check?

A. No, at this time we are not able to take money orders or a check, we are sorry for any inconveniance this may cause.


Q. My order was cancelled why was my credit card charged?

A. First, your credit card was not charged.  We only charge cards when your product is on it's way to you.  When someone buys from us the amount is held to make sure there is enough for the transaction by your bank and even when we cancel they hold on to it for 2 to 3 days (depending on their policies).  After that it will be release and return to your credit. So, if you have any questions about when the credit will be returned please contact the credit card company.


Q. Can I pay offline?

A. Yes, just call our 800 number and a customer service representative will place your order right over the phone.


Q. How do I get a print catalog?

A. Sorry we don't print catalogs at this time.