Front & Side View Focus Mitts Curved by CageSide MMA


Focus Mitts Curved by CageSide MMA

These curved focus mitts are a solid all leather construction to allow for ultra comfort and extra protection for the training. There is a huge 2 inches of multiple layered foam high tech foam that cuts down on the impact and resistance. Another great feature of these focus mitts is the advanced sweat repellant to help out with those long grueling workouts. Also for the trainer is the half ball palm grip inside the mitts so the trainers hand stays in the anatomically correct position for the impact. This makes for an extremely comfortable and shock resistant focus mitts. There are leather back finger with that are covered along with a thick heavy duty velcro strap to lock it securely in place on your hands for absolutely no slipping.

What You Get:

  • 1 pair (2 mitts) MMA training focus mitts

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Focus Mitts Curved by CageSide MMA

Focus Mitts Curved by CageSide MMA

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