ActionFlex Staffs: Practice Bo


4-ft Staff

This 48-inch staff (48 inches of overall striking area) enables you to discover a whole new world of fighting strategy and technique.

5-ft Staff

This 60-inch staff (60 inches of overall striking area) enables you to correctly practice and execute fighting strategy and technique with speed and power.

6-ft Staff

To the samurai warrior, the 6-foot staff was a spear with the tip broken off. A well-versed warrior could wield the staff either as a short-, medium- or long-range weapon, depending on the situation and placement of hands. Many choose to spar and practice using various lengths. The 6-foot staff offers the combatant the most versatile fighting applications to gain a winning point. The 6-foot staff has an overall striking area of 72 inches.

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ActionFlex Staffs: Practice Bo

ActionFlex by Century is a full-contact line of sports equipment, which duplicates the sensation of using authentic weaponry.

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