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Combat Sports MMA Gloves

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MMA Gloves

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Size Question MMA Gloves Size Chart.

We offer one of the largest selection of MMA Gloves online.  Just to let you know there are two types of MMA Gloves you can get.  One is a training MMA Gloves and the other is a MMA fighting glove.  The MMA training gloves has extra padding for in order to protect your  knuckles and wrists when using them in MMA sparring, heavy bag work, or some amateur Mixed Martial Art competitions. Under the MMA fighting gloves, you will find that these gloves range from 4oz. to 8oz. and only have enough padding to protect your knuckles when striking an opponent.  So, make sure you pick the MMA glove that is made for what you are wanting it for.  Also, make sure you were handraps under your gloves in order to protect your knuckles, hands, and wrists.


Need Help in Finding the best pair of MMA gloves for you?  

You can call the 1-800-662-6466 or here are a few thing to look at when you are buying MMA fight gloves. First, measure your hand.  You can see how to do that at the MMA gloves size chart link at the top of this page (scroll up). Second, make sure you get the right pair that fit what you are needing them for (see "MMA Gloves 2 Primary Categories" below).

MMA Gloves have two primary categories:

  • MMA Fight Gloves - Most MMA organizations comply with the rules of the UFC and their official gloves are 4oz gloves.  However, some of the UFC gloves cane range up to 6oz.
  • MMA Training Gloves - These are usually thicker to protect hands and knuckles from heavy strikes they range anywhere between 8oz. to 16oz.