Ninja Shoge

All About the Ninja Kyoketsu Shoge

The Shoge also known as the "Kyoketsu Shoge", which means "to run unhindered in the fields and mountains", is a double edged blade, with another blade attached at 90 degrees to it. This is attached to roughly 10 to 18 feet of rope, chain, or hair which then ends in a large metal ring. It is said the the Shogee was devloped from the more well known kusarigama (sickle and chain).

The Kyoketsu Shoge is a tool with many variations of use for the ninjas. The Shogee could be used as a knife with slashing or thrusting movements in an attack. The 90 degree blade could also be used in a slashing movement towards an opponent. The rope that was said to be made of human or horse hair for strength could be used climbing, or binding an enemy. This was usually a length anywhere from 10 to 18 feet.

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The Shoge was used by the ninja as a long range weapon to strike or entangle their opponent. When well skilled with this weapon it could be used to entangle a sword and rip from the opponents hands rendering him harmless.

Steps to using the Shoge

1,  Hold the shoge in your left hand along with the coiled rope or chain, with the right hand holding the rope about 2.5 feet from the end of the ring.
2,  The ring is held in the left hand with the Shoge and rope. You can then throw the shoge with the right hand while holding the ring with your left.

A weapon used in a very similar manner is the Manriki.


Ninja Shoge


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