Belly Pad for Ab Protection by Revgear


Belly Pad by Revgear

This belly pad is made with full 100% leather and 3 layers of RAM-Force technology for extra buffering to take on even the most explosive kicks and punches. If you have ever gotten hit in the stomach with just an ordiary chest protrector you know how that can hurt. However, with the Belly Pad you will not even feel that hit in your stomach. You will also like the fact that the sides are also protected so your love handles won't get hurt. There is a fully adjustable Ultra-Lock hook and loop closure back on the back that will fit any size.

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Belly Pad for Ab Protection by Revgear

The unique feature of this sparring chest protection is the deluxe hook and loope rear strapping system. Unlike other sparring vests that simply have the shoe laces in the back this vest by Revgear ensures a comfortable and snug fit to your body.

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