ProForce Headguard w/Face Cage - Black


This headgear is designed with safety as the primary focus. It is made of shock reducing foam with a black durable vinyl cover. You will find this head protection to be perfect for weapon and sword training. The cage attached to this headgear is made with ultra heavy duty plastic and is not removable. The cage help prevent broken noses, black eyes, and/or broken teeth.

Reduce the risk of a broken nose or black eye with this great head guard from ProForce. Covering the face is a plastic cage that limits access to the face and helps absorb blows to the rest of the head during sparring. Made of shock-reducing closed-cell foam with a soft vinyl cover. Hook and loop closure on back plus an elastic band on top help to assure a snug fit.

ProForce Head Guard Sizing Chart**

Please measure circumference of the forehead at about an inch above the eyebrows and use that to select the correct headgear. Height, weight and age are not the best determining factors for headgear.

SizeHead Circumference  Diagram
Small19 1/2" - 20 1/2"
Medium21" - 22"
Large22 1/2" - 23"
X-Large23 1/2" - 24"
XX-Large24 1/2" - 25 1/2"

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ProForce Headguard w/Face Cage - Black

  • Made of shock reducing foam with a black durable vinyl cover.
  • Perfect for weapon and sword practice.
  • Cage is heavy duty plastic and not removable.
  • Prevents broken noses, black eyes, or broken teeth.

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