Camo Jiu-jitsu Gi


Fuji Camo Jiujitsu Gi

The Fuji Force Camo is made for every day training as well as for competition. Designed for comfort and durability, this is a true BJJ Cut mid-weight uniform featuring a shorter jacket, tapered arms, strong pants, and excellent reinforcements, and good hefty collar.

Perfect for

* Combat training
* Defensive tactics training
* Grappling
* Fun & Recreation
* Incentive for kid's programs!

We guarantee you'll love wearing this gi no matter what you practice. The fabric is comfortable and durable making this the choice of combat and defense training academies throughout the country.


"My name is John Renken and I am the chief combatives trainer for Ft. Campbell, KY. I have been using Fuji Gi’s for over a year now and this Desert Camo Gi is absolutely top of the line. The quality and durability is second to none and not nearly as expensive as other similar cut Gi’s are. If you want to sport a GI that morally supports what our men and women in the Global War on Terror are doing this is the Gi for you."

Awesome Uniform! It has created quite a buzz at my dojo. The kids absolutely love it. We use it as a special reward for the “warriors” who battle in competition, and as prizes for our VIP contests. It is an excellent tool to motivate and energize students. Thanks for coming out with such a cool gi.” J. Pedro

"From my experience as a martial artist, I testify that the uniform looks and feels great. From my observations, soldiers are currently doing combative training using their own military uniform which in terms can be expensive to replace. This camo gi, offers a great option for the soldiers to train with. It also allows them to showcase the fighting skills that they learned at their respective dojos and martial art schools, begging the question, are you in the military?"
LTC Hector Morales, Head Coach, US Armed Forces Judo Team, Level 4 Certified Combatives Instructor

"Glad you guys finally got it right! Everything about it is fantastic."

"This is a cool gi."

"This is no flimsy gi, like so many companies have tried to make."

"I wore my new Fuji Force Camo Gi, and everyone loved it and now we are all ordering the gi."


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Camo Jiu-jitsu Gi

Camo Jiu-jitsu Gi: The Fuji Force Camo is made for every day training as well as for competition.

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