bleached white Single Weave Judo Uniforms by MasterLine


    This Comfortable Gi is made from 100% cotton and is commonly worn by practitioners of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido. This uniform is single weave to make it durable without adding weight or bulk. It has reinforced lapels, shoulders and arms. It also has reinforced stitching at the stress points of the side vents and at the end of the sleeves. The top has rice-grained stitching in the shoulder and chest area and authentic diamond pattern stitching in the lower torso area, this not only reinforces the gi and adds resistance to tearing and pulls, but also provides better gripping surfaces. The pants feature an elastic waist with a draw string, providing a more secure and comfortable fit. The knees are reinforced to increase comfort and add durability. The included white belt is 1-1/2" wide and has 8 rows of stitching.

    * Colors: Bleached, Natural, and Blue
    * 550 gram durable fabric
    * Sturdy, lightweight single weave design
    * Reinforced shoulders, lapels, side vents, and sleeves
    * Quilted and reinforced knees
    * Includes white belt
    * Rice grain and diamond pattern stitching
    * Draw string and elastic waist pants

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