2.5 MM Stitching Kendo Armor Set


Kendo Armor Set with 2.5mm stitching

Full Kendo set which include: 

  • The Kendo armor consists of men (helmet)
  • do (body protector)
  • kote(gloves)
  • tare (hip and groin protector)
  • Head Band

The traditional martial arts known as Kendo is drastically growing in popularity especially with the younger crowd.  It builds discpline, timing, patience, and an immense amount of skill.  However, it can be a tough sport if you don't have to right gear. So, that is why we put together this Kendo armor set so that you would have all the protection you need.  We have included what you see above plus a very nice carrying case in order to get all this gear to class.  

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2.5 MM Stitching Kendo Armor Set

Whether you are a beginner or a experienced student you will love this set we put together for you.  

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 In Stock.